Next Sooke Saddle Club meeting  – Wednesday, June 27, 2018 at 7:30 p.m. at Cherry Lane Equine.  Members encouraged to attend.  This meeting will follow our Funshow and the first of two Dressage Shows.  Interested equestrians welcome as well.


You don’t have to be a SSC member to enter our shows, but show fees are less for members.

Sooke Saddle Club membership form for 2018

When submitting your membership, please fill out both of the waivers below.  Then you won’t need to fill the waivers out for each show.

Sooke Saddle Club yearly waiver

 District of Metchosin Waiver – complete both pages

Confirmed Show Dates: **Information for riders:  If you have already signed the Metchosin District Waiver and / or the Sooke Saddle Club Waiver for 2018, you don’t need to print those pages.  We must have your Sooke Saddle Club Waiver in our file, and either a record of or a copy of your Metchosin District Waiver in our file.   If you are not sure, please bring signed/witnessed waivers when you come to one of our shows.  Junior riders under 18 as of the beginning of the current year must have waivers signed by a parent or guardian; coaches cannot sign for junior riders. ***  THE DISTRICT OF METCHOSIN DOES NOT ALLOW US TO ACCEPT A RIDER WITHOUT THE REQUIRED WAIVER AT THE METCHOSIN ARENA.  We don’t want to turn anyone away.

Sooke Saddle Club English – Western Funshow – Saturday, June 9, 2018 at Luxton Arena.  Judge – Sue Rutherford.

Competitor Show Form for Sooke Saddle Club English/Western Funshow June 9 2018

Entry_form_for Sooke Saddle Club Funshow_2018

Sooke Saddle Club yearly waiver

Sooke Saddle Club Show and Tell Dressage Show – Saturday, June 16, 2018 at Metchosin Arena.   Judge – Melanie Houston

Sooke Saddle Club dressage show June 16 2018

Sooke Saddle Club yearly waiver

District of Metchosin Waiver

Sooke Saddle Club Show and Tell Dressage Show – Saturday, July 14, 2018 at Metchosin Arena.  Judge – Sue Rutherford

Sooke Saddle Club dressage show July 14 2018

District of Metchosin Waiver


                         1st place ribbon – 60% or greater; 2nd place ribbon – 57% – 59.9%; 3rd place ribbon – 54% – 56.9%; 4th place ribbon – 51% – 53.9%.  We don’t award ribbons below 4th place.

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